How do you care for your Too Many Pjs products? Yes, you can machine wash them!

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You will see in all of our product descriptions as well as on the boxes and labels that all of our products are machine washable. I have made them like this because I have two kids of my own and so know first hand how much of a MESS they can make. Babies especially are constantly having accidents. But saying that, my 4 year old picked up my baby’s sensory blocks the other day with blood on his fingers from a nosebleed and so I was not happy to see brownish red marks all over the baby’s yellow blocks! The fabric on the blocks can also get stretched out after awhile and washing them can help to tighten the fabric up and get them back to looking good as new. You can see in the photo below the blocks look ever so slightly smaller after washing because the fabric has tightened up.

brand new and machine washed sensory alphabet blocks

The top row are new blocks and the bottom row are after machine washing.

Fortunately I was able to pop them in the washing machine on a 30 degree Celsius (85 degrees) quick wash with NON-BIO detergent. Its important to use non-bio as biological detergent has enzymes that can irritate sensitive skin (not to mention that babies will place the blocks in their mouth). Fabric softeners are also not recommended. I put our patch work play mat in with them at the same time. I always use the shortest setting suitable for the amount I am washing so that it doesn’t use too much water. When the wash cycle is done I put on a spin cycle to get as much excess water out of the blocks or play mat as possible. The blocks will look a little scrunched when you take them out of the machine but do not fret! They will spring back to their original shape as they dry.

The top row are new blocks and the bottom row are after machine washing.

To dry our play mats and blocks you should NOT tumble dry them. Drying in the sun is the best way to dry all of our products. As this is not always possible I would suggest hanging play mats and placing blocks in a warm dry place (like near a radiator but not directly on it). As the blocks dry they will slowly spring back to shape, but may need a little smoothing out with your fingers. Play mats should look normal but the plush fabric can look a little matted. Simply take a lint roller over the plush fabric to bring it back to its original ‘plushness’.

I hope this helps you to care for your Too Many Pjs products and keep them looking like new for years to come!

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