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The New Hope Collection is inspired by two popular kidsroom themes, rainbows and space. These are themes that kids, and adults, never tire of and which represent hope in an age when we could all use some. The play mats this season are patch worked rainbows made from a combination of vintage fabrics and organic cottons. The same fabrics are also used on the Sensory Blocks. The Sensory Blocks are available in three colours as well as a combined pack of Yellow, Peach and Mint. Organic cotton jersey Baby Blankets and Toddler Bedding are a new addition to the product line this season and feature an original Space Age print in a charcoal grey on white base. Another new addition to the Too Many Pjs family of products are Display Shelves and Cork Boards. These are handcrafted in London and made with sustainably farmed and manufactured OSB. The shelves come in a variety of lengths and conveniently fit our Sensory Blocks perfectly! The cork boards are available in A3 size with a display shelf underneath.

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