New Moon Nursery Decor

New Moon Nursery Decor

Have you noticed a major lunar theme in nurseries and kids rooms lately? Of course this is a design that will never go out of style, but I can’t help to have noticed an increase in Celestial products since launching the moon and stars collection last week!  

Could this be because the presence of the moon in the sky each night brings us comfort? Whether it is shining brightly or shrouded by the Earth’s shadow we know it is there watching over us. Just as we watch over the little ones in our life. The phases of the moon are steady and unwavering, as is our love.

Today is also the mark of the new moon in Libra, so in honour of the occasion I have decided to put together a round up of my favourite Lunar decor, that I would totally put in my baby's nursery, and even my own bedroom! As a small business supporter I have chosen to use all small businesses because I know they put their heart and soul into the designs and the products are ethically made. You could find similar items on the high street but I cannot guarantee they will be as good of quality or ethically made!

nursery decor moon collage

Clockwise from top: 2023 Lunar Calendar from South Hammam £12; Opalite and Black Obsidian Crystals from Haus of Botanica £3.90 each; Sky Print Muslin 3 pack by Etta Loves £27; Boucle Moon and Star Cushions by Studio Gem £40; Moon: Night Time Around the World £7.99; Rattan Moon by Juno and Jinx £16; Moons and Stars Self Adhesive Wallpaper by Nutmeg Studio from £18; Solar System Felt Garland from Little Penny Luck £38.50; Moon Bag from Otis and the Wolf £88.50; Moon Phase Fitted Moses Basket Sheet £25; Natural Cotton Perpetual Calendar Blocks £54; Moon Phase BabyGrow £18; Tarot Moon Art Print by Sister Paper Co. from £8; Moon and Stars Baby Mobile from Mama and Max £38

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