Corner of My Kids Room Exhibition

Corner of My Kids Room Exhibition

You may have seen a few photos floating around Instagram in the past month of an exhibition during London Design Festival called Corner of My Kids Room. I had the idea to put on a show celebrating all the amazing creative kids interiors brands out there and this was the result. Of course this was a narrowed down selection. There are so many more awesome brands but we only had one room to decorate! The brands that took part were selected by myself and interior designer Chloe Spillet, also know as @chloegetscreative. We selected the brands based on their location, all UK based, but also they all sell only online. None of the brands taking part have a bricks and mortar shop and we felt it was a great way for customers new and old to see the quality of all these amazing designs in real life. All of the beautiful photos you see here were taken by the talented duo that is Blubo.

The show opened on 18 September and we had a bit of a party! Complete with customised doughnuts and cold brew coffee courtesy of the folks at Far Side Coffee. We had some members of press there along with interior designers, mums and babies! The babies enjoyed the play mats and alphabet blocks from the eco friendly baby toys at Too Many Pjs on the floor while mums had a look around at all the gorgeous offerings. We also had some lovely gift bags for visitors who had booked tickets with pots of Bits and Bum Balm from Bumble’s Natural Skincare and crocheted hearts from Zuri House. The show was open for 5 days and during that time we had visitors from as far flung as Japan as well as families who live across the street. I met an interior design couple visiting LDF from Italy who left a toddler at home. And a family visiting from Israel staying at the Mama Shelter Hotel nearby. The exhibition was accompanied by a very thorough guide with info about each brand and the products on display. The guides were very kindly printed by Solopress, along with the stickers for our goody bags.


Lots of mums and dads with little ones in tow came to see the immersive show and have a play with the dolls and pram from Cottage Toys and Interiors, and get a few pics. We had colouring in sheets to keep them busy designed by Munks and Me who also designed the amazing bespoke wall mural. The Tidy Books bookcase was a big draw and lots of people came in to have a browse at the books while sitting on the gorgeous velvet sofa from Cottage Toys and Interiors. The books weren’t for sale because they were from my own personal collection but next time we will be sure to have some for sale too! The reading corner was made even better with the addition of a balloon night light from Mini Maison. And then there was the beautiful pennant cushion and banner from House of Hooray bringing that bit of magic to the space!


On the other side of the room we had the most anticipated piece of the show, the Rose Gold Cot Bed from Cottage Toys and Interiors! The bed was covered with the new Teal Vintage Floral bedding from Too Many Pjs, and Chloe worked her magic in the styling department with an adorable flamingo soft toy and teal velvet cushion. Chloe was also responsible for choosing the bespoke colours of the Munks and Me wall mural and the matching Valspar paint in Copacabana. Zuri House provided the ingenious storage solution of a hanging basket and large floor basket. They also showed a bean bag that parents could easily get cosy to read a bedtime story on. There was a display shelf built by our very own Stuart Plant Setbuilding (my talented husband), who also hung the wallpaper and painted the walls of the same colour. On it we had a Floral Print from Munks and Me and Natural Wooden Rainbow Lamp from Mini Maison. On the peg rail was the must have item of children’s decor, the Rainbow hanger from Bow in the Sky! A wall pennant from House of Hooray and a pair of abstract prints from Munks and Me adorned the wall. And last, but very not least, we had a Doll Size Bunk Bed from Mosnox. This bed is an exact replica of the full size version and the quality and craftsmanship is impeccable. It was a huge draw for the kids who visited the show and I think it will be under a few trees come this Christmas!

I honestly can’t believe it’s been a whole month since the show opened. Where does the time go?! I hope everyone who came to visit got some good inspiration for their own kids’ rooms or their clients. And for Christmas! And I want to thank Chloe and all of the brands that took part for helping to make this idea of mine a reality. It was a very special experience. There are no concrete plans for another show but WATCH THIS SPACE! I think we could be due a round 2 in the spring with even more amazing kids decor on show.


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